TGGS Excursion at THINK
TGGS Excursion at THINK

KMUTNB by The Sirindhorn International Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering (TGGS) escorted by Asst. Prof. Dr. –Ing. Pruet Kowitwarangkul arranged an excursion at THINK (Thaisakol Innovative Knowledge Center) to study the power and possibility of 3D printing technology in enabling the new frontier of manufacturability. To complete the course, the students were assigned to design a work piece that uses benefits of 3D printing technology and print it on our Desktop Metal Studio System+. The 4 projects are as below.

1. Rear brake caliper for motorcycle
2. Human vertebral bone
3. Modern lamp
4. Steering bracket
The key takeaway in this case is that the students have more understanding on the process of 3D printing as well as on the possibility and limitation of the design.
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