Studio Fleet™ Low volume production, completely in-house.
Studio Fleet™ Low volume production, completely in-house.

Studio Fleet™

Introducing Studio Fleet™. The custom-configurable solution for on-demand metal 3D printing at scale.

For the first time, on-demand metal 3D printing will deliver accessible and scalable manufacturing that adapts to diverse business needs, part requirements, production volumes, and cost constraints.

Build a Fleet

Studio Fleet™ is a custom-configurable solution for in-house metal 3D printing, supporting a range of low to mid-volume production applications. It leverages Studio System+ technology—including stackable shelving for batch processing—for the rapid production of complex metal parts. Built to scale, Studio Fleet can be configured to deliver 5x the throughput of the original three-part system for only twice the capital investment.


Studio System™

1 printer, 1 debinder, 1 furnace

1x throughput

Studio Fleet (3X)

3 printers, 1 debinder, 1 furnace

3x throughput

Studio Fleet (5X)

5 printers, 2 debinders, 1 furnace

5x throughput

Scale throughput

Studio Fleet makes it easy for manufacturers to scale production for low to mid-volume runs—without the prohibitive costs associated with custom tooling or dedicated production facilities.


  • Low volume production of custom parts
  • Aftermarket or replacement parts
  • Pilot runs prior to mass production