Founding story
In 1975, Thaisakol Group started under its former name, Thai International Machinery, handling imported wood cutting tools from Japan. Under the leadership of Mr. Pravit Kobkulsuwan, the founder, who has ever since given priority to quality and customer satisfaction, Today Thaisakol Group has grown up rapidly and become widely recognized for cutting tools and machines used across various industries in Thailand including wood, metal, pulp & paper, plastic & acrylic, cement boards and electronics.
Entering a new age of Industry 4.0, Thaisakol Group sees the opportunity to escalate Thailand industries to the next level with an innovative technology. This has expanded our business from our expertise in Subtractive Manufacturing (SM) to a new high potential Additive Manufacturing (AM) or so-called 3D printing which could transform the present manufacturing processes completely. 3D printing will unlock and broaden possibilities of manufacturing to the area that never been achieved by the conventional manufacturing processes before. With a combination of SM and AM, Thaisakol Group is now able to equip our customers with eyes of tomorrow to produce more creative products with more innovative production processes. This will not only change the way products will be manufactured but it will also change the way products will be imagined.
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“Thaisakol Group aspires to be the leader in providing the quality cutting tools and machines including after-sales services aiming to escalate production efficiency for our customers by means of the best technology”
6 Major Industries
40 Business
1500+ Customers
Wood: Furniture/ Plywood/ Veneer/ Particle Board/ MDF Board/ Hard Board/ Cement Board/ Flooring/ Toys/ Picture Frame/ Door Frame/ Saw Mill/ Packing
Metal: Auto Parts/ Steel Distributor/ Structural Steel/ Aluminum/ Copper/ Brass/ Die and Mould/ Tube and Pipe/ Jewelry
Pulp and Paper: Printing/ Packaging/ Pulp Manufacturer
Plastic and Rubber: Acrylic/ Plastic Resin/ Plastic Bag/ Leather/ Rubber/ Tyre
Electronics: Electronics Parts/ Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Tooling and Equipment: Tool Manufacturer/ Grinding Wheel Manufacturer
Our Partner
Desktop Metal is reinventing the way engineering and manufacturing teams produce metal parts - from prototyping through mass production.
Founding story
Desktop Metal was started to address a problem—how to make metal 3D printing accessible for engineering teams. In 2013, CEO Ric Fulop began collaborating with world-leading experts in materials science, engineering, and 3D printing. Their work together over the course of two years drew multiple independent inventions together to form the basis for Desktop Metal’s technology:
1988 “3D Printing” gets its name and Binder Jetting is invented by Ely Sachs (Co-founder) and colleagues at MIT
1997 Metallurgy experts Animesh Bose (VP, R&D) and Randall German publish definitive book on Metal Injection Molding
2000 Single-Pass Inkjet Technology is invented by Paul Hoisington (Chief Scientist for Inkjet Systems) and colleagues
2006-2011 Major nanocrystalline and amorphous metals advances are made by Chris Schuh (Co-founder) at MIT
2015 Desktop Metal is founded
Key Milestones:
• $277M investment to bring metal AM into mass marketthe leader in providing the quality
• Founding team has shipped +$1B in hardware and involved in multiple IPOs
• +160 engineers / 15 PhDs (including 4 MIT professors)
• +200 patents in process